Subjects & Fees

Krishna Tutors’ primary service is private home tutoring. Our tutors are currently offering tutoring for Mathematics, English and Gujarati language. In the near future we plan to offer a wide range of other academic subjects like Science. We are offering tuition to children between the age group of 4 to 11 years. 

Our sessions can be set up as private or students may form groups for tutoring. We prefer private sessions as they offer intense individual assistance, but group sessions can also be beneficial with decreased economic costs.

Our One-on-one tuition ensures that each student is being dealt with all aspects of their academic requirements, which could be complimented through private tutoring. Krishna Tutors uses the realistic education approach, which is our unique problem solving approach taught to students provides a system to approach all topics that they encounter in school and seeks to provide the student with a way in which they can better solve their own queries. We are currently offering private home tutoring sessions as well as small group study sessions. We encourage students to come prepared with questions and items to discuss and to ask our tutors questions throughout the week in between sessions.

To inquire about one-on-one tuition and take the next step, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our current Special Offers include: 

”5 for 4”

”What this means you can book 5 lessons but have to pay only for 4 lessons ! Hurry, this is an introductory offer and is valid for a limited period only.”

”10 for 8”

‘What this means you can book 10 lessons but have to pay only for 8 lessons ! Hurry, this is an introductory offer and is valid for a limited period only.”

Free Trial Lesson

‘One Free Trial Lesson’

”We offer a free trial lesson to enable parents to meet our tutors and discuss their child’s specific tuition needs.”

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Our fee are based at £20 per hour for each subject

Our private tuition service is offered on an hourly basis with tutors visiting students at home. During the initial assessment of your child we carefully understand and assess your child’s specific and individual requirements and aim to provide you the best match of our tutoring lessons. All of our tutors have a clear and sound character and have undertaken the necessary Criminal Records Bureau ( CRB ) / and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and possess strong educational and professional backgrounds are at hand to assist in the specific required area.